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    HTDC is an 80G certified NGO.

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About HTDC

Holistic Training and Development Centre is a Mumbai based NGO, which addresses the entire spectrum of individual personality along with the physical and psychological aspects to empower an individual to discover their true inner-self. Our focus is to liberate individuals who are stuck in life by situations and circumstances and empower them to realise their innate potentials.

HTDC aims to empower individuals to get in touch with their core personalities and further teach them skills which would help them live a happy and blissful life.


  • Gender Oneness
    Brahman, meaninng Universal Absolute, which is a grammatically genderless noun. This Universal Absolute, states "beyond the differentiating qualifications of sex, beyond any and all limitations, individualizing characteristics whatsoever". The Brahman is the Great Cosmic Spirit, the Ultimate True Reality, the Supreme Self.
  • Social Oneness
    if every cell in your body decided to act on its own, and consume as much nutrients and energy as it could – even more than it needs. Soon parts of your body would get sick, and that would damage the health of the whole body – including that of the greedy cells. The challenge is making the individual cells clearly understand two things: (a) their relationship with each other and the whole; (b) what a good “cell life” is all about. Now consider each cell as an human being in a society. Social Oneness could make a radical difference to the world by bringing respect and tolerance for all caste, creed and class.
  • Spiritual Oneness
    Imagine that you’re the whole universe; you live in total joy and bliss. Imagine there is no past or future, only now. Imagine there is no space or time, just an unbounded eternity. Imagine endless peace, harmony, and unconditional love. Imagine no fear and equality in all things. This is Oneness.

Kriya Reiki

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Psycho Spiritual

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  • Individual and Family Counselling
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  • Family & Structure Constellation
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Our vision is to develop an individual’s innate potential, strength and ability to live a happy and blissful life.


HTDC mission is to create a Happy and Healthy Society. We endeavour to do so by empowering people mentally and spiritually, and enabling them to adopt a sound life style to support themselves and their surroundings.


Our Foundation is based on the Divine Principle of Oneness with a Vision to share it with every being.

Why us

Our programs are not limited to any community, caste or creed. We believe in empowering people to be their own guide by connecting them to their core qualities.

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We emphasize on

HTDC addresses the entire spectrum of individual personality
along with the physical or psychological aspect to help a person discover his true inner-self.

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